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Complete information about Mahua tree

Forestry December 10, 2015

Cultivation of Mahua tree: Complete guide on Mahua farming involves in seed treatment, planting, pest management, irrigation and harvesting.

Scientific name: Bassia latifolia

Mahua Tree Leaves, Flowers & Fruits

Local Names : mohwa (Hindi),Mahula (Oriya),maul (Bengal) ,ippa puvvu (Telugu) ,hippe (Kannada),illupei (Tamil), poonam (Kerala)

Some of the major cultivated varieties are NM2, NM4,  NM7, and NM8.

Climate and Soil:
Mahua grows in tropical climate. This is hare tree can withstand drought conditions. For better growth well drained and loam soil is suitable.

Bassia Latifolia Seeds

Mahua is propagated from seeds. Collect good seeds and sown on the beds. After 12 – 15 days seeds will germinate. After one year mahua seedlings will ready for planting. Cultivate the land properly and make pits of size 1 x 1 x 1 m. Now fill the dug with 25kg farm yard manure mixing with soil up to ground level. Now pour the water into the pit to settle the soil. Now plant the seedling in middle of the pit. During july – september months is better season for planting.

Every year one dose of  100g N, 50g P and 75g K and 10kg farmyard per plant

Inter crop in Mahua:

Seasonal vegetable can be grown as inter crops

Irrigation of Mahua:
Irrigation should be given after planting, manuring and fertilization

When trees become mature, then yeild will starts. Mahua yields both flowers and seeds. In early morning flowers will fall which should be collected properly. This will continue for 20 – 30 days. After that fruits will be ripen during june – july months. Manually they should be collected and put in storage for seed extraction. Yield of dry flowers will be 120 – 150 kg / tree and kernal will be 70 – 80 kg/tree. This productivity will continue for 50 years.

Uses :

Mahua exclusively uses in food products, alcohol, medicines and cosmetics.



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