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Green house farming guide

Projects December 21, 2016

green house farming

Complete guide on Green house farming

Greenhouse is especially constructed to grow and nurture plants in a well-regulated environmental condition. It is made up of transparent material in order to serve the purpose of permeability of light which is required by the plants to prepare their food and growth.

Greenhouse is made up of glass walls and glass roofs which also ensure to facilitate light and warmth during winter season as well. As per the modernization, the environmental conditions can be controlled with the help of software in the computer which imparts plant growth. Greenhouses are generally used to grow transplants, fruits, flowers and vegetables. Growing plants is both an art and science. With a minimum labor, any plant can be grown anytime with an availability of greenhouse by providing suitable environmental conditions.

Prerequisites for Greenhouse project are as follows:

  1. A land is required for erecting a greenhouse.
  2. Covering material is required to cover your plants in the greenhouse.
  3. Proper water and power supply is needed.
  4. Ample quantity of plant material is required.
  5. Good quality of pesticide is needed which will protect your plants from pests and other germs.
  6. Fertilizer to promote an optimum health back-up and fertility to the plants is an essential key component in greenhouse project.
  7. Preservatives are also important to protect your planting material.
  8. Hiring a technical manpower is a must as he will look after your plant growth in the greenhouse with the help of advanced equipments.


Sr.No. Item Description Amount
  Area of Greenhouse 4048  
1. Greenhouse Construction Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse with GI Pipe structure and imported polyethylene at INR 650/- per Sq.mtr. 2,631,200
2. Growing System(Bed Preparation) 40cm high raised bed with red soil, farm yard manure, rice husk, sand etc. 364,320
3. Water irrigation system Drip irrigation system for plants. Misting system to maintain the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse. 465,520
4. Plants or seedlings or seeds Plant density: 20 plants per Sq.mtr. 4rows plantation. Total no. of plants.80, 960 nos. Cost per plant: INR 14/- per plant. 1,133,440
5. Crop support system GI wire mesh support system for plants. 242,880
  Total investment INR 4,837,360


Yield/Plant/Year 12 971,520
Price per flower INR 3.25 3.25
Total returns Per year 3,157,440
Cost of cultivation Per year 1,346,832
Net return Per year 1,810,608



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