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Dairy Project report on Gir cattle

Agri Science, Projects December 10, 2016

dairy project

Completely information on Dairy Project Report on Gir cattle and how beneficial it is to domesticate Gir cattle for your dairy business. Let us know about the Gir cattle.

The Gir cattle cows are well known for their milking prowess and have an indigenous from Indian origin. The females weigh about 848.78 pounds with a height of 4.26 feet whereas males weigh about 1201.5 pounds with a height of 4.42 feet. Their average milk yield is about 1590 kg per lactation. Gir cows are highly fertile and calve regularly.

Dairy project for 4 cows:

  1. One acre of land is an important prerequisite.
  2. As we are talking about 4 cows, cost of labor is not taken into consideration as a family labor will be efficient enough for the maintenance of the dairy farm.
  3. Gir cows are very social and so it is not difficult to handle them. They can be fed with dry fodder, green jowar, bajra, groundnut cake. For this, fodder can be cultivated in the land area of one acre and two crops can be considered per year.
  4. For manure during fodder cultivation, cow dung can be of great importance.
  5. Cost of rearing calves is not considered here as it will be nullified by their sale value.
  6. In case of the death of the cow, a new cow can be purchased from insurance claim money.


Housing for cows:

  1. Floor should be strong concrete, well cemented and impervious to moisture and have a single slope towards the gutter. Plinth should be 2 feet higher than ground.
  2. Walls should be 3 feet tall and made up of brick.
  3. Roof should be 16-18 feet high at the center and 8 feet high on the side wall. There should be a 3 feet hangover beyond the wall to prevent the rain water getting in the cow shade. In low cost housing, cemented roofs can be replaced by tile thatched roof.


Other Important Parameters:

Manger – 0.6M
Standing place – 1.5M
Gutter – 0.4M
Feeding passage – 1.2M
Milking place – 1.2M


Type of Animal Gir cow

No. of Animals – 4
Cost of Animal (Rs./animal) 30000/cow
Cost of transportation 1000/cow
Average Milk Yield (litre/day) – 10
Floor space (sqft) per adult animal – 40
Floor space (sqft) per calf – 20
Cost of construction per sqft (Rs.) 250
Cost of equipment per animal (Rs.) 1000
Cost of fodder cultivation
(Rs./acre/season) 5000
Insurance premium (% per annum) 5
Veterinary aid/animal/ year (Rs.) 1000
Cost of concentrate feed (Rs./kg) 16
Cost of dry fodder (Rs./kg) 1
Rate of interest (%) 12
Repayment period (years) 6
Selling price of milk (Rs./kg) 27
Sale price of gunny bags (Rs. perbag) 10
Lactation days 280
Dry days 150

Daily feeding and cost chart for dairy cows:

Item Feeding stuff Cost/KG


During lactation period During dry period
Quantity (kg) Cost (Rs.) Quantity (kg) Cost (Rs.)
Concentrate feed 16 4.5 72 1.5 24
Green fodder 1 20 Home grown 15 Home grown
Dry fodder 4 4 11 5 10
Total 28.5 83 21.5 34



Lactation chart/Dry chart:

Sr.No Particulars Years
Lactation Days
First batch 500 560 500 420 420 500
Second batch 360 420 420 420 420 420
Total 860 980 920 840 840 920
Dry Days
First batch 220 160 220 300 300 220
Second batch 300 300 300 300 300
Total 220 460 520 600 600 520

Economics of dairy farming with 4 Gir cows:

Project cost and bank loan Cost. In Rs.
Capital cost
Cow shed for 4 cows 40sq.ft/cow @250/sqft 40000
Calf pen for 4 calves 20 sq.ft./calf @250/sq.ft. 20000
Cost of 4 CB cows with minimum average 10 liter milk yield /day @30000with transportation 120000
Cost of transportation @Rs1000/cow 4000
Cost of one chaff cutter hand operated 10000
Cost of dairy appliances @ 1000/cow 4000
Cost of electrification of dairy farm with two electric fans 12000
Total 210000
Recurring cost to be capitalized
Cost of feed for first batch of  one cows for one month as per feed chart 4980
Cost of insurance  4 animals @5% of animal cost 6000
Cost of fodder cultivation in one acres of land

For one session

Cost of medicine vaccine, electricity for the first two cows 2000
Contingency 7020
Total recurring expenditure 30000
Margin money 15% of project cost 36000
Bank loan 85% of project cost 204000



This is a sample dairy project report and has approximate values.

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