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Complete information about leek

VegetableCrops October 15, 2016

leek farming

Cultivation of leak : Complete guide on leek farming involves in seed treatment, planting, pest management, irrigation, harvesting and uses.

Scientific name of Leak : Allium porrum

Leek is a tetraploid plant belongs to onion family.
Soil and climate:
Leek requires cool season and is more hardy than onion. It grows well in fertile medium soils with good amount of organic matter with 6.0-8.0 soil PH.

The main variety of leak is PPL-1. London and American flag are also commonly grown in India.

Cultivation :
Prepare the bed during the sep – oct and sown 5-6kg seed which is used to transplant in one hectare of land. Once seedlings grown about 15cms then they were ready for transplant.

Apply 200 Quinta FYM or compost along with 100kg N, 60kg P2O5 and 80kg k2o.

cultivate the land properly and make 15cms deep trenches made at 30-35 cm apart to facilitate blanching. Maintain 10-15 cms distance between plants.

Pest management:
Onion thrip, maggot, cut worm and head borer are the different types of pests in leak. To control the pest follow crop rotation and spray malathion 50EC (1.5 – 2 ml/litre water)

Harvesting and yield:
Harvesting should be done by lifting the green leaves manually. Yield varies from 250-300 q/ha

Leak consumed as salad and used in flavoring the soups.

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